Research Papers

The International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research(TIJMR)

1 Strategic-Spatial Analysis Of The Implementation Of Business Opening Politics Of Mexico.
Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez MC. Cesar Francisco Cardenas Davila.
Abstract || PDF Page No. 1 to 47
2 E-commerce trend in the Industrial Marketing - Refractory information online.
Dr. Saikat Gochhait, Dr.P.C Tripathy & Dr. Fabricio M. de Almeida.
Abstract || PDF Page No. 48 to 56
3 Economics of Corruption.
Dr Mehraj Ud Din Shah.
Abstract || PDF Page No. 57 to 65
4 The Analysis Inter-Personal Relationship in Service Sector with Special Reference to Teaching Faculty of Chennai District.
G. Sankaranarayanan & N. Saravanan.
Abstract || PDF Page No. 66 to 76
5 Work- Life Loyalties : A New Outlook for Dual Career Couples.
Ms. Roma Jaitly, Ms. Tanvi Rana & Ms. Ruchika Sharma.
Abstract || PDF Page No. 77 to 93